Light Rail Transit Association
Membership/TR subscription application form

  1. Click on this link to download the subscription form
    (In order to download the subscription form you will require Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®. This software can be downloaded FREE by clicking the link below.)
  2. Print form (ensure 'shrink oversized pages to paper size' is set)
  3. 2011 prices (January to December 2011):
    • Membership with T&UT 43.50 UK; 55.00 Overseas;
    • Membership with with T&UT + Tramway Review 56.50 UK; 70.00 Overseas;
    • Tramway Review only 17.00 UK; 19.00 Overseas
  4. Send form to LRTA, 38 Wolseley Road, SALE M33 7AU UK
For prices starting mid year see our shop at or contact Membership Secretary if the option you require is not shown.

Please note that Personal memberships are only available ending in December of any year! We cannot do August to August or similar!


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