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Discussion Documents

These documents are published by the LRTA Development Forum to stimulate discussion and do not necessarily represent the views of the LRTA

They have been drawn up under the auspices of the Association’s Development Forum (previously UK Development Group) and cover most issues involved in the selection of light rail and tramway systems, vehicle and infrastructure, design and technology choices and considerations, operational practices and experience and other issues of interest to those campaigning for improved public transport or in environmental or urban planning issues related to transport.

The LRTA and/or the Author reserves the copyright in respect of the Discussion Documents on this website. Prints may be taken and reproduced provided acknowledgement of the source (including disclaimer) is given.

This index lists the Discussion Documents currently available. Please note that numbers 1 - 19 are only available as web pages in HTML, 20 onwards are only available as PDF files.

Discussion Documents Index
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001The Kerb Guided Bus - How Real Are Its Advantages?03/03 
002"Mass Transit : Bus Rapid Transit Shows Promise"03/03 
003Do Tunnels Solve Transport Problems?04/03 
004Cardiff: Stadium One, Transit Nil.05/03 
005Bring Streetcars Back To Your Town.06/03 
006Shared Rail Infrastructure Holds Promise07/03 
007Congestion Charging - Has Britain Scored An Own Goal?08/03 
008Light Rail - Is It Really A Costly Failure?09/03 
009Going Back To The Future On A Tram 10/03 
010Bus Rapid Transit:"Not The Way To Go"11/03 
011Tram Power - A New Method12/03 
012Contrasting Transit Networks And Their Energy Requirements02/04 
014Light Rail - Its Fight For Survival03/04 
015Could A Heritage Tramway Be Suitable For Your Town?04/04 
016Transit Developments : Which Way Forward?05/04 
017Public Transport : Is Britain The Only Place "In-Step"?06/04 
018Light Rail: Are The Benefits Too Expensive?07/04 
019"Trams Not Jams"07/04 
020Light Rail: Passengers Now Relegated To A Rear Seat08/04 
021Urban Transit : Forget Quality, Think Cost09/04 
022Traffic And Transit : "Wait For Things To Go Wrong"10/04 
023Dual-Mode Transit : Improved Penetration, Lower Cost11/04 
024Light Rail Transit : Light At The End Of The Tunnel12/04 
025Urban Transit : "The Bullet Bus"01/05 
026Light Rail : A Serious Short-Fall In Funding02/05 
027Supertram - Will It Ride-Out The Storm?03/05 
028Light Rail In Our Cities - The Need Is Here Now04/05 
029Ultra Light Rail (ULR) - Has Its Time Come?05/05 
030Urban Transit - Opinions Still Poles Apart06/05 
031Hobson's Choice For Leeds! Tax Cars Or Lose Supertram07/05 
032Is It "High Noon" For Light Rail Transit?. 08/05 
033Leeds Supertram : "Simply Running Out Of Time" .09/05 
034Light Rail : "If You Can't Beat Em', Join Em'".10/05 
035Why Is Britain Not Ready For Light Rail?.11/05 
036Leeds Supertram - What The Papers Say!.11/05 
037Light Rail? Yes ! But Who Pays?.12/05 
038Supertram - What The Public Think.12/05 
039Light Rail Policy Change - 'A Whitehall Farce'!.01/06 
040UK's Supertram Schemes 'Bite The Dust'.10/06 
041Leeds Tram 602 - 1953 To 2006 And Beyond.10/06 
042Supertram - Have Lessons Been Learned?.01/07 
043Bus Resurgence That Eventually Fails.03/07 
044Capital Cities In Western Europe With Urban Type Tramways.04/07 
045Quality Transit And A Hidden Agenda.05/07 
046Urban Transit : What Chance A Reversal Of Policy?.06/07 
047Congestion Without Supertram : Don't Follow Leeds.07/07 
048Trolley Buses - A Second Time Around In Leeds.08/07 
049False Economy In Urban Transit.09/07 
050Supertram - Is It Now A Political Football?.09/07 
051Toronto - Welcome To Transit City.10/07 
052Light Rail : Is It Good Value For Money?11/07 
053Light Rail - 'Technology Will Always Get Us Off The Hook In The Nick Of Time'12/07 
054'Modern Street Cars Are More Efficient Than Buses'01/08 
055Transit : Two Yorkshire Cities With Completely Different Requirements02/08 
056Road Rage, And Not A Tram In Sight03/08 
057Long Distance Trams For Leeds?03/08 
058"There is No Substitute For Trams"04/08 
059"We Cannot Build Our Way Out Of Congestion"05/08 
060Supertram - Vital Information Kept Secret05/08 
061Tram Technology To The Rescue06/08 
062Light Rail - Missed Opportunities06/08 
063Tram-Train Technology And The Congestion Charge07/08 
064Road Pricing In Manchester Labelled 'Kamikaze' By The Press07/08 
065'Streetcars Are Returning'08/08 
066'We Must Move Faster On LRT'08/08 
067Better Public Transport Improves Access For All09/08 
068Putting Trams Back On The Front Page09/08 
069England Is Now Isolated From New Light Rail Systems10/08 
070Light Rail - Developments Down Under11/08 
071Tram-Train Technology Searching For A Problem12/08 
072Can Local Funding Support A Heritage Type Tramway System?01/09 
073False Information Used To Describe A Transit SchemeLatest03/09 

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