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Marseille tunnel reopens


The tramline T1 (which was route 68) which had run from E. Pierre to Ste Theresa was extended at both ends on the 28th September and now runs from the underground station at Noailles through to Les Caillols. The route which previously ran from Euromediteranee Gantes to Les Caillols is now cut back to Blancharde Foch as route T2 with a cross road foot connection for passengers transferring to T1 at Blancharde Chave.

At Noailles on the Metro platform 2 levels down from the tram terminus a number of tram and trolleybus models are displayed along with a couple of tram frescos

On line T2 a triangular junction is in situ ready for line T3.

2 October 2008 (correction 3 October)

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