LRTA e-Group

In the edition of the Members Newsletter distributed with the March issue of 'Tramways & Urban Transit' the idea was floated about creating an e-Group as a service for LRTA members. Although the response was fairly low, which might have been in part due to the delivery problems with that issue, it was decided that we should start such a group for discussion of tramway topics.

As a result a group was set up under using the YAHOO group facility and members who responded to the original article were invited to join. If you wish to join this group please e-mail and include you full name, membership number and post/zip code to ease the task of checking membership.

You can also join from the LRTA shop by clicking the item on the renewals page.

A number of members have applied to join but have not activated their membership by replying to the resulting invitation. If this applies to you and you still wish to join then please re-apply.

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