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Hounslow tram project
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simple map Unlike the other possible tram schemes for the Capital the A4 Fast Lane Hounslow tram project is being proposed not by Transport for London but by Hounslow Council and West London Business Chamber of Commerce. The reason for its promotion being more in mitigation for the effects which are anticipated from Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 rather than existing traffic requirements.

The main route would run From Heathrow along the A4 to Hammersmith while a second route being proposed would run to Kingston upon Thames along the A312 corridor.

In November 2001 the London Borough of Hounslow commissioned an independent consultancy to undertake a preliminary assessment of the options for a tram scheme in the borough and adjacent are s. Their initial investigations have been positive. There is much more detailed Work to do but they believe that:

The Vision West London The local transport system in the A4 area Environment The Routes

Route data: A4 16.4km 25kph 12/6 trams/ph GDP290m, A312 14.3 20kph 12/6tph GBP220m
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