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  • Croydon London Tramlink Updated 3 March 2009

    There are several schemes in the pipeline to improve public transport in London. Of these the two most likely to be tramway are Cross River Transit and West London Rapid Transit both of which have been through a period of initial consultation. Other schemes proposed are Greenwich (Waterfront) and East London.

    Preliminary results for the Cross River Transit consultation indicate a support for the scheme of 92% (compared to 94% for Greenwich, 86% for West London and 82% for East London) including strong support from 74% of the respondents. As for mode there was a 62% support for the tram compared to 13% for the trolleybus and 7% for high quality bus. Regular car drivers indicated a 71% willingness to change modes to the tram compared to 25% to a trolleybus.

    The two proposals which are definitely intended as tram schemes are Cross River Transit and West London Rapid Transit. Of these it West London which is being progressed first.

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