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The Light Rail Transit Association’s magazine is widely regarded as the definitive light rail journal and is essential reading for all concerned with urban transport and planning. T & UT is published on the third Friday of every month and is full of news, features and articles about light rail and urban transit systems around the world.

Read how cities are transforming themselves with modern modes of urban transit — making them better places to live, work, shop and play — enabling civilised life without the dominance of the motor car.

The LRTA also publishes an historical magazine Tramway Review, further information here.

The December T&UT issue (No 924) and the December issue of Tramway Review (240) have been dispatched.

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Article list for 2014 Vol. 77, earlier years lists are linked below

924 December 2014Alistair Gordon, Keolis UKWhy the uk needs overseas inspiration to make the most of HS2
924 December 2014Vic SimonsDallas: DART takes flight
924 December 2014James ChuangKaohsiung: The green model for asian LRT
924 December 2014Bernard Garner, NEXUSNews Focus: 'This job is all about strong partnerships'
924 December 2014Neil PullingSystems Factfile 87 - Pyongyang, North Korea
924 December 2014 Magdeburg on the mend
924 December 2014Mike RussellClassic Trams: 50 Electric years at crich
923 November 2014 InnoTrans: The global marketplace 2014 preview
923 November 2014Vic SimonsTucson: Watching the Sun Link rise
923 November 2014Mike RussellMoscow Tramways: Past, Present and Future. Pt 2.
923 November 2014Günter KochHeilbronn Tram-Train: A Partnership Effort
923 November 2014Vic SimonsPhoenix spreads its wings
923 November 2014Neil PullingSystems Factfile 86 - Saint-Étienne, France
923 November 2014Mike RussellClassic Trams: Lisboa's museum makeover Pt 2
923 November 2014 Light Rail Awards Special
922 October 2014 InnoTrans 2014 preview
922 October 2014Mike RussellMoscow Tramways: Past, Present and Future
922 October 2014Paul GriffithsInnovating to find the ideal trackform
922 October 2014Wade RosadoHow Big Data offers big opportunities for transit networks
922 October 2014Neil PullingSystems Factfile 85 - Tallinn, Estonia
922 October 2014Mike RussellClassic Trams: Lisboa's museum makeover
921 September 2014Vic SimonsMinneapolis - St Paul: Reconnecting the Twin Cities
921 September 2014Ciril van HattumManila: A complex LRT operation
921 September 2014Special reviewBudapest's modern transit revolution
921 September 2014Reg HarmanBusways: Do they work in practice?
921 September 2014Neil PullingSystems Factfile 84 - Dijon, France
921 September 2014Vic SimonsSalt Lake City update: Where sugar meets salt for UTAH LRT
921 September 2014Mike RussellClassic Trams: Royal honour for Den Haag
920 August 2014Paul TetlawComment: Edinburgh trams and the planned inquiry
920 August 20149th UK Light Rail ConferenceA promise for UK's future
920 August 2014Herbert PenceLRT Expansion in Queen Charlotte's city
920 August 2014Neil PullingSystems Factfile 83 - Riga, Latvia
920 August 2014Mike RussellClassic Trams: A Belgian centenary (Brussels route 81)
919 July 2014David GibsonComment: Tramway construction costs
919 July 2014Vic SimonsTampa and Teco: Community-based streetcar operations
919 July 2014Keith BaileyWhy trams are England's favorite mode of transport
919 July 2014Dr. Marc-Andre Klemenz, Francisco Romero & Michael W. GöddeMunich: Optimisation through operational simulation
919 July 2014Simon JohnstonComment: Let Edinburgh passengers enjoy the fair weather
919 July 2014Neil PullingSystems Factfile 82 - Bern, Switzerland
919 July 2014Herbert PenceClassic Trams: 75 Years old and still ticking over: Seashore Trolley Museum. Pt. 2
918 June 2014Michael TaplinTRAM-TRAIN: A promise unfulfilled?
918 June 2014Simon Coulthard & Helen PlummerNEXT STOP ROTHERHAM: UK TRAM-TRAIN PROGRESS
918 June 2014Vic SimonsNantes moves on
918 June 2014Alissa EdeABBEY LINE: Lessons from a light rail conversion
918 June 2014Tony StreeterNordhausen: An unusual 'Duo'
918 June 2014 Local knowledge meets international technology
918 June 2014Neil PullingSystems Factfile Special T5 and T7 - Paris, France
918 June 2014Herbert PenceClassic Trams: 75 Years old and still ticking over: Seashore Trolley Museum
918 June 2014Insert10 Years of Nottingham Express Transit
917 May 2014Mat TaylorFlexing some mussel power: A regional approach
917 May 2014Mike TaplinBrazil: Transit for the World Cup and beyond
917 May 2014Vic SimonsNew Orleans is finally on the move - and on the up
917 May 2014 City Circulators: Going round in circles?
917 May 2014Bob Collis, Mike Grimsey and Tim Strong (TRL) and Paul Griffiths (Centro)Re-fuelling the UK's light rail revolution
917 May 2014Neil PullingSystems Factfile 80 Essen: Germany
917 May 2014Mike RussellClassic Trams: Oslo's 'Gold Standard' recalled
916 April 2014Gian-Luca ErbacciLRT growth in the Mena region
916 April 2014 The Algerian LRT explosion
916 April 2014Mike TaplinTram market review 2014
916 April 2014Geoffrey Skelsey and Yves-Laurent HansartBrussels: Developing the Metro
916 April 2014Neil PullingSystems Factfile 79: Le Havre: France
916 April 2014Mike RussellClassic Trams: Bergische Land
915 March 2014Paul GriffithsDriving innovation in light rail
915 March 2014Witold UrbanowiczTRAMINO: Jena's future arrives
915 March 2014Geoffrey Skelsey and Yves-Laurent HansartStill growing: Brussels' tramway expands
915 March 2014Neil PullingSystems Factfile 78: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
915 March 2014Vic SimonsMiami: A model of transit diversity
915 March 2014Mike RussellRVZ-6 enters twilight zone
914 February 2014Mike TaplinNew tramways for 2014
914 February 2014 What we've been waiting for: Edinburgh's almost ready to roll
914 February 2014Neil PullingSystems Factfile 77: Toulouse, France
914 February 2014 Preparing Metrolink for expansion
914 February 2014Mike RussellKeeping trams running
913 January 2014Herbert PenceCincinnati's streetcar hits the buffers
913 January 2014Mat TaylorBridging the funding gap
913 January 20142013 review2013 Another inspirational year for LRT
913 January 2014Vic SimonsCHICAGO: Modernisation and renewal
913 January 2014Mike RussellSystems Factfile 76: Kviv, Ukraine
913 January 2014Mike RussellEssen at 120
913 January 2014Insert2013 Index

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