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The Light Rail Transit Association’s magazine is widely regarded as the definitive light rail journal and is essential reading for all concerned with urban transport and planning. T & UT is published on the third Friday of every month and is full of news, features and articles about light rail and urban transit systems around the world.

Read how cities are transforming themselves with modern modes of urban transit — making them better places to live, work, shop and play — enabling civilised life without the dominance of the motor car.

The LRTA also publishes an historical magazine Tramway Review, further information here.

The December T&UT issue (No 948) and the December issue of Tramway Review (248) have been dispatched.

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Article list for 2016 Vol. 79, earlier years lists are linked below

Vic Simons
937 January 2016Vic SimonsSEATTLE: Cutting edge LRT solutions
937 January 2016Nicholas Falk and Reg HarmanSWIFT RAIL and growing cities
937 January 2016Ray DeaconINNSBRUCK EXPANSION: The next level
937 January 2016Neil PullingSystems Factfile 99 - Paris T1 and T8, France
937 January 2016Mike RussellClassic Trams: Wien's tramway at 150
938 February 2016Richard BuckleyUK Minister launches first tram-train
938 February 2016Michael TaplinNew tramways for 2016
938 February 2016Herbert PenceMONTREAL: From rubber tyres to steel wheels
938 February 2016Andrew ParkinsonRail technology: The cost of a hard future
938 February 2016Neil PullingSystems Factfile 10o - Seville, Spain
938 February 2016Mike RussellClassic Trams: Bern tramways at 125
939 March 2016Martyn JandulaTrams return to Olsztyn after 50 years
939 March 2016Wire-free debateIs the tramway world ready to go wire-free?
939 March 2016Tony StreeterDLR: BIM innovators
939 March 2016Neil PullingSystems Factfile 101 - Geneva, Switzerland
939 March 2016Mike RussellIrish heritage on display
940 April 2016Michael TaplinWorldwide tram orders 2016
940 April 2016Witold UrbanowiczBydgoszcz - Fordon: The vital link to Fordon
940 April 2016Scott McIntosh / Richard BuckleyTramway gauges: gauging opinion
940 April 2016Neil PullingSystems Factfile 102 - Schwerin, Germany
940 April 2016Mike RussellClassic trams: Belgian developments
941 May 2016Michael TaplinIsland Line: A suitable candidate for LRT conversion?
941 May 2016Mike RussellRomania's tramway revival Pt 1
941 May 2016Dave SpenceColombia: Medellín's miracle
941 May 2016Neil PullingSystems Factfile 103 - Lyon, France
941 May 2016Mike RussellClassic trams: Trams' role at a dutch theme park
942 June 2016James HarkinsTrams: A solution to poor air quality
942 June 2016Mike RussellRomania's tramway revival Pt 2
942 June 2016Scott McIntoshRaiding the parts bin to benefit light rail
942 June 2016Neil PullingSystems Factfile 104 - Vienna, Austria
942 June 2016Mike RussellHagen's amazing tramway legacy
943 July 2016News FocusLEEDS: Does ngt 'NO' open a new door to light rail
943 July 2016Safety and securityBerlin's approach to passenger safety
943 July 2016Ciril van HattumKaohsiung's first steps to a tram future
943 July 2016Witold UrbanowiczHow real are Rzeszõw's monorail plans?
943 July 2016Vic SimonsCalifornia dreaming: Sacramento factory visit
943 July 2016Neil PullingSystems Factfile 105 - Miskolc, Hungary
943 July 2016Mike RussellHagen's amazing tramway legacy Pt 2
944 August 2016News FocusINTERMODAL 2016
944 August 2016Vic SimonsLos Angeles: Light rail to the beach - and beyond
944 August 2016Gordon HeadLA Streetcar
944 August 2016Witold UrbanowiczDevelopments in Prague
944 August 2016Neil PullingSystems Factfile 106 - Utrecht, Netherlands
944 August 2016Peter BurkeRotterdam museum expands
945 September 2016Ashley MurdochM-Tticketing: The quiet transport revolution
945 September 2016UK Light Rail ConferenceInnovation, Image and Investment
945 September 2016Peter Adams (Midland Metro Alliance)Transforming the West Midlands (Advertorial)
945 September 2016Vic SimonsThe lowdown on San José
945 September 2016Reg HarmanTransit through the metropolitan belt (Herts Orbital Transit)
945 September 2016Will RossiterWider impacts of NET Phase Two
945 September 2016Neil PullingSystems Factfile 107 - Besançon, France
945 September 2016Mike RussellCemetery specials
946 October 2016Hans RetallickKC streetcar: looking to the future
946 October 2016Primove centre visitInductive charging
946 October 2016Tony StreeterBerlin: past, present and future
946 October 2016Neil PullingSystems Factfile 108 - Debrecen, Hungary
946 October 2016Mike RussellHorse-drawn survivor
947 November 2016 INNOTRANS 2016
947 November 2016Herbert Pence and Hans RetallickRe-Connecting Cincinnati
947 November 2016Tony StreeterBerlin: past, present and future. Part 2
947 November 2016Neil PullingSystems Factfile 109 - Braunschweig, Germany
947 November 2016Mike RussellTrams in the Ontario woods
948 December 2016 All change in Maryland
948 December 2016Neil PullingSuspension of belief: Wuppertal Schwebebahn
948 December 2016 Global Light Rail Awards 2016 Special
948 December 2016Neil PullingSystems Factfile 110 - Szeged, Hungary
948 December 2016Mike RussellTrams in the Ontario woods Pt 2

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