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Logos and Colour Schemes

A number of logos and colour schemes have been used on publicity for Midland Metro over the years and so here is a short history. For the original West Midlands County Council scheme (1981-85) two different vehicles were used;
a Hanover stadtbahn car in a somewhat jazzy livery, and
for line drawings a Den Haag articulated car. The basis of this drawing was the cover of Light Rail Transit Today, which was published by us in the mid 1980s

The launch of the Midland Metro scheme in 1987 introduced a colour scheme of gree/white/blue/white /green on a white background. Initially the vehicle used in publicity was a Nantes car but this changed to a Grenoble car circa 1987.

In the early ninties', with the launch of "Centro" and its corporate colour scheme of yellow and green the latter became the proposed livery. The logo became a small odd rectangle. This was replaced by a circular motive which is meant to represent Hill Head tunnel. My attention has been drawn by Neil Halliday to the fact that it is very similar to the logo used by the STA which operates buses and ferries in and around Sydney and Newcastle.

TWM pulled in their own design people who came up with a revised livery that is much more adventurous. It also uses a number of colours so one wonders how long a repaint will take. However this has fallen foul of the Health & Safety's new rules on disabled access and the doors have to be painted yellow all over. This will be of great use to short sighted dogs (and few others, if any).

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