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The first tram to run in Wolverhampton for about 70 years reached St Georges terminus on Thursday, 3rd September 1998. The vehicle was number 6 and it arrived about 11.00hrs.

This was the first of a number of test runs held over two days for the benefit of the Inspectorate of Railways section of the Dept of Health & Safety. On each run the tram was accompanied by two cars of the British Transport Police. Stephen Firth, Inspector of Railways for the region gave a favourable response to the tests and commented "I am happy with the way the tests went. The main purpose of this run was to check that the train (sic) fitted the infrastructure properly and it did."The arrival prompted Rev Tony Kinch, Minister of Darlington Street Methodist Church, to give the tram an impromptu blessing. More runs at speed would now take place to test signalling and other equipment.

On Friday 4th September further runs did take place with car 3. Whilst parked at Wolverhampton the vehicle attracted favourable comment from the passing public and Altram really ought to get a vehicle up there on Saturdays as a PR job.
Thanks to Andrew Jones and the Express & Star for information included above.

No 3 approaches the canal bridge on the A41

No 3 heads down the A41 towards Bilston

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