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INCENTRO for Nottingham

Although it was expected that Nottingham would follow Strasbourg and Milan in selecting the Eurotram it now turns out that it will be following Nantes by ordering another ADtranz product - the INCENTRO (pronounced inchentro). New regulations, that require a warning to be sounded 3 seconds prior to the doors closing, mean that combined with the slow operation of the large single leaf doors of the Eurotram, unacceptable delays would be introduced by the time taken at each stop. The use of the INCENTRO which is able to use faster operating double doors also has the advantage of being slightly cheaper, slightly higher capacity and a wider gangway through the articulations

The INCENTRO like the Eurotram is a fully modular 100% low floor vehicle. The Nottingham vehicle will have 5 modules and 6 double doors each side. With a length of 33m and a width of 2.4m it will have a top speed of 80km/h and be capable of grades of 8.5%. Air conditioning will be fitted. The total order will be for 15 vehicles, though the depot will be built to accommodate a fleet of 35 trams (allowing for lines 2 and 3 in due course). The version for Nantes, which has ordered 23, should start to be delivered in the summer of this year. NET is on a 42-month construction and commissioning contract from April 2000.

10 April 2000

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