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Belgian tram procurement

Following the earlier order for 45 low-floor trams which have since been supplied to Antwerp and Ghent, on 8th June 1999 the Flemish Regional government decided to start the procedure for ordering another 47 low-floor trams. The government has now opted for a different procedure, ie a negotiation procedure with a EU-wide announcement instead of an open invitation to tender, so as to prevent the need for multiple recalculations that would be involved in adapting the offers to take account of the specific operational requirements of De Lijn. And because of the increasing demand the delivery period is reduced from the original eight years (2004-2011) to five years, in other words some nine or ten trams each year.

The Regional government also decided to bring the membership of the De Lijn Advisory Committee up to date.

(Translated from Flemish Regional Government press release)

25 July 2000

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