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Portland Interstate MAX gets funding

On Wednesday 20 September the Full Funding Grant Agreement was signed by US Department of Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater. This means that all the funding is now in place for the construction to begin on the USD 350 million, 5.8-mile extension from Rose Quarter to the Expo Center. This extension will add a further 10 stops to the 33 mile Max system. Construction is expected to begin in November with the moving of underground services (sewers, water etc,) and is expected to be complete for opening in September 2004. Although the first years funding of USD 7.5 million was less than expected (which will be made up in later years) Tri-Met has now ordered 17 Siemens SD660 low-floor LRVs to provide the service on the line.

It is intended to re brand the MAX lines with colours to assist passengers by making it clearer which train goes. The existing East/West line will become the Blue Line. The under construction Airport line will become the Red Line. Interstate MAX will be the Yellow Line while a possible future extension to Clackamas County would become the Green Line.

Note: Colours in italics above are corrections to our original report.

Further details on the Portland system can be found at

25 September 2000 updated 11 October 2000, Line colours corrected 18 October 2000

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