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UK LTP Settlements

The settlement under the local transport plan scheme for England have been announced. (Only light rail items shown) These are in three main groupings:

  1. Funding to be provided:
  2. The following schemes have been accepted and will receive Government funds subject to some conditions: Note: Costs shown are total costs rather than indication of Government contributions
  3. Schemes for which we do not yet have sufficient information to form a view. The Government is keen to work with the authorities concerned to assist them in completing the work necessary for each scheme to be evaluated by Government against New Approach to Appraisal (NATA) criteria.

14 December 2000

Brian Lomas, LRTA's Development Officer comments:

While the items above are welcome it is particularly disappointing to see that the schemes for Leeds and Portsmouth/Hampshire are still in the third category after all this time. All the more so because of the inclusion of a number of busway schemes despite research indicating that these often do not give the best value for money. There are also a number of road schemes which environmental groups claim have not been properly appraised.

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