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Manchester Metrolink Phase 3 – four consortia shortlisted

Greater Manchester PTE announced on 9 March that it had shortlisted four out of six consortia who returned pre-qualification submissions for the Metrolink Phase 3 concession. These consortia have now been invited to prepare tenders for the single contract.

The four consortia are:

The Metrolink single contract requires the successful tenderer to design, build, operate and maintain three extensions to the existing Metrolink network, comprising lines to Oldham and Rochdale; Wythenshawe and Manchester Airport; and Ashton-under-Lyne. Subject to private sector funding being available, the contract may also include the proposed extension to the Trafford Centre. A tender price for the line to East Didsbury and the short branch from the Eccles line to The Lowry Centre will also be requested. Depending on the overall package additional government funding may be sought for the latter two extensions. The successful consortium will also take over operation of the existing lines.

The complete package is scheduled to cost £593 million, spread over five years, out of which the concessionaire will be expected to contribute £209 million. The programme currently evolved allows a six month tender process from March following which the PTE will identify either a single or a pair of preferred consortia in the Autumn. It is then expected that a 12 month period of negotiation will result in a contract being awarded by Autumn 2002 and a commencement on site in the Spring of 2003.

15 March 2001

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