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Portland (OR) Developments

With the Portland Streetcar project due to enter service on the 20th July and the MAX airport extension due to open in September comes news of possible further developments.

In September will be the extension of Fareless Square across the Steel Bridge past the Rose Quarter Transit Center to the Lloyd District.

There has been consideration of using the tracks of the 114 year old Willamette Shores Trolley, which runs from Lake Oswego to downtown, as a streetcar operated commuter line. USD50,000 has been set aside by TRI-MET to study the idea. There is likely to be concern from local residents and also the current operators of the museum line about the upgrading of the line which is not currently electrified and is operated by vintage vehicles with gas-powered generator trailers.

Portland Streetcar whose line runs an 'L' shaped route from the Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital to the Portland State University is also looking at a possible USD13.1 million extension. This would take the line from its present terminus next to the University eastward toward River Place.

Currently 5 of the 7 Czech built Skoda Astra cars should now have been delivered (the fifth this month) with the remaining two due in 2002.

23 June 2001

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