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CALGARY extension opens

The 3.6 km south extension of the Calgary LRT system opens for revenue service on the 9th October. The extension, which cost CAD 80.1m runs from the Anderson C-Train Station to two new C-Train Stations at Canyon Meadows and Fish Creek-Lacombe and also includes downtown stops. Additional P+R places are included at Fish Creek-Lacombe and Canyon Meadows although the latter P+R will not open until later. A number of bus services are being reorganised to provide feeder services to the new stations while some premium express services have been withdrawn.

Calgary Transit has purchased 32 SD160 C-Train cars to accommodate existing service and future growth. A further extension of the south LRT line to 162nd Avenue and a northwest extension are both planned for 2003. An extension of the northeast line is scheduled for 2006.

C-Train ridership has posted a dramatic 73 per cent increase over the past five years, with each LRT car in the existing 100-car LRV fleet having logged more than one million kilometres along 29.3 kilometres of rail.

8 October 2001

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