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Mixed Messages in Edinburgh

An announcement by the Scottish Executive on Monday, 22nd October stated that more than GBP75m is to be invested in Scotland's transport network. This included GBP6.5m towards developing a GBP250m light rail system to link the Granton waterfront and Edinburgh city centre. Transport Minister Sarah Boyack said "I believe the investment in light rail in Edinburgh is an excellent example of the practical benefits of devolution. This plan has been talked about for 20 years but we are the first government to put money into actually delivering it."

Also in the package for Edinburgh was GBP6m towards the cost of a guided bus scheme serving the west of Edinburgh but the long-held plans to reopen the south suburban railway line appear to have had a funding bid of GBP3m turned down. Considering the problems with the original busway proposals (CERT), which was abandoned earlier this year after the city council realised that the scheme was not financially viable, and the existence of the most of track and platforms of the south suburban railway this decision seems surprising.

23 October 2001

It would appear that the comments about the funding for the south suburban railway were not entirely accurate - the announcement in the Scottish Government website says: GBP6.093 million to develop West of Edinburgh Guided Busways (WEBS); GBP6.555 million from the preparation pool to examine and develop an integrated light rail system in North Edinburgh and examine options for light and heavy rail in the South.

24 October 2001

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