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San Francisco trams for Manchester

As previously indicated on our Manchester pages Serco Metrolink, operators of Manchester's light rail network, has purchased four withdrawn Boeing LRVs from San Francisco's Municipal Railway (Muni Metro) system, and is shipping two of them to the UK to see if they could offer a short-term solution to expanding the capacity of the system. The other two cars will supply spare parts. There are many hurdles to overcome before the Boeing LRVs can ran on the Metrolink network, and no guarantee of success, but Serco clearly think the prospect is worthy of serious investigation. Second-hand cars could be a quicker alternative to buying new centre sections to the existing cars, a proposal which has been given a Government grant of GBP7 million, but also has drawbacks in terms of timescale and performance. Metrolink is keen to get some extra capacity in place before the influx of visitors expected for the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

19 November 2001

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