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Kenosha Streetcar shut down

Effective 7 February 2002, the heritage tramway in the US city of Kenosha, WI, was shut down for an indeterminate period. This action was taken by the mayor in anticipation of budget problems arising from the State of Wisconsin's decision to trim USD 1000 million from discretionary grants in order to address a budget deficit. The State was a deficit-sharing partner with the City on the Kenosha Streetcar project. The Kenosha Streetcar is a 2.7-km loop linking the city and its waterfront, opened in June 2000, and operated by renovated ex-Toronto PCCs. Winter patronage is low, and this tactic by the city will probably save money to permit a resumption of service in the summer.

8 February 2002

The City of Kenosha announced on 11 February, the restoration of Streetcar service on Saturdays and Sundays, effective 16 February. The announcement was made following a regular meeting of the Transit Commission. Full service will resume during the summer months between Memorial Day (25/26 May) and Labour Day weekends.

13 February 2002

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