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More troubles for Nancy

On Thursday May 30 at 10pm, a guided trolleybus in the French city of Nancy underwent a derailment of the first two guidewheels which guide the vehicle along a central grooved rail. The accident took place in the curve which precedes the street Pierre Sémard and Place Maginot. At the time the vehicle was moving at only a very slow speed and an alarm on the drivers dashboard cut the traction supply so there were no personal injuries.

The enquiry into the incident indicated a defect on the leading guidewheel which could cause it to derail under particular conditions at low speed. Initial remedial actions include daily inspections of the guide mechanism and more frequent greasing of curved sections of the guide rail.

A study into the problem of oscillations of the guidewheel and its interaction with the rail is to be undertaken to try and reduce the noise levels in certain locations. Some work has already been done on this with reinforced controls for the guidewheels already implemented.

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5 June 2002

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