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More funding for Edinburgh

Development of the proposed West Edinburgh Tram Line has received a cash boost of GBP 5 million. The grant to the City of Edinburgh Council was announced by the Minister for Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning Iain Gray. This funding is in addition to GBP 6.5 million already identified for the North Edinburgh tram line, and will allow the West Edinburgh scheme to develop to the same timetable and to complement, the North Edinburgh proposals. This GBP 5m award is less than that awarded previously for development of the North Edinburgh line as some of the work for that line can be used in development of the West Edinburgh line.

A further borrowing consent of GBP0.5 million for the West Edinburgh Busways project (WEBS) was also announced to allow WEBS tracks to be easily adapted for use by West Edinburgh Tram line.

29 July 2002

In October the Scottish Executive announced support for a third tram line in Edinburgh catering for the South East of the city. This support, with funding from the Integrated Transport Fund (ITF) in the region of GBP3m, came in a package of proposals for Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeenshire and Central Scotland.

7 November 2002

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