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Plans for third tram line for Edinburgh

Minister for Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning Iain Gray has revealed plans for the South East Edinburgh tram. This line will run from the city centre towards the South East Wedge past the New Royal Infirmary. Funding for the tram will come from the Executive’s Integrated Transport Fund. The detail was outlined as Scottish Ministers gave Approval in Principle to the City of Edinburgh Council’s congestion charging proposals.

Mr Gray said: "It is vital that Edinburgh gets the public transport network a capital city deserves so I am delighted to outline the plans for the third tram line across the city which will complement the development currently on-going for the North and West Edinburgh tram lines.

"The prospect of a network of tram lines across the city, the first trams in Scotland for decades, is an exciting one. Trams will play a key part in the city’s public transport system and they will reduce congestion by offering rapid and efficient travel into and around the city. ..."

The full text of the press release can be found at Scottish Executive * website

19 December 2002

* link updated November 2011

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