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Luxembourg revives light rail plan

At a press conference on 14 January 2003 the Minister of Transport for the Duchy of Luxembourg announced rail infrastructure proposals to enable the country to cope with a future population increase (511 000), and increase in the number of cross-frontier workers (170 000). This included revival of plans for a tram-train operation from the city's central station to the plateau of Kirchberg, a residential area that is also the location of the exhibition grounds (FIL).

Previous plans for a light rail network were rejected by the Parliament in 2000 due to concerns about the effect of extending light rail from the central station through the streets of the old town. This aspect has been left out of the new scheme. The 6.4-km line should be ready in 2006/7 at a cost of EUR 195.6 million. When the new line meets the existing 'north' railway line, tram-train services will run south to Gare Central and north to a new transport interchange station at Dommeldange. Tenders will be issued for the supply of 15 dual-voltage LRVs, with an option for another 25. Specification will be based on the Saarbrücken car.

6 March 2003

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