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Brussels tram order

The Brussels transport authority (STIB) has awarded Bombardier an order for 46 bidirectional Bombardier FLEXITY Outlook* (CityRunner) trams. Of these there will be 19 trams with a capacity of 263 places (43.22 metres long) and 27 trams with 188 places (31.85 metres long). The contract, to be officially signed in about three weeks, includes the overhaul of the vehicles’ bogies and propulsion equipment for a period of 15 years. The total value of the contract is approximately 125 million Euros, including 106 million Euros for the vehicles and 19 million Euros for the overhaul services.

Production of the vehicles will be undertaken by Bombardier mainly at its facility in Bruges, Belgium while the bogies will be produced at its Siegen site and the propulsion, at its Mannheim facility, both in Germany.

The delivery of the 100% low-floor trams, which are intended mainly to run on pre-Metro Line 3, is expected to take place between June 2005 and February 2007.

* Bombardier has branded its trams as FLEXITY in the following ranges:

18 September 2003

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