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Brussels changes

3001 Photo Alan Reekie

On Monday 6th March, the first of Brussels' Flexity Outlook trams numbered in the 3000 series entered public service on the new line 24 : Schaerbeek (B) - Boondael (B), at the rush hours, and on line 91 : Louise - Stalle at other times. Only 3001 - 3003 of the first five trams that have already been delivered were in use today. A few of the PCC-derived 7800 series were also used on these routes (possibly in order to avoid running series-2000 trams through the Boileau - Diamant tunnel).

Another change which also came into effect was the rerouting of line 52 (Esplanade - Drogenbos) on reservation along the Quai des Usines, instead of street running through the congested centre of Schaerbeek. But despite a well-organised publicity campaign, including handbills and posters, some passengers inevitably remained unaware of the changes until they discovered themselves on a tram passing through unfamiliar territory. This gave them a small foretaste of the more extensive reorganisation which is due to occur when the full fleet of new trams has been delivered.

(3001 is seen on line 24 at Schaerbeek station, 3002 at the Stalle terminus of line 91 and 7913 on the Quai des Usines).

3002 Photo Alan Reekie7913 Photo Alan Reekie

7 March 2006

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