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Amsterdam Cargo Tram

The City of Amsterdam is testing a pilot scheme with a cargo tram operating through the inner city. The trial started on the 7th March and will run until the 31st March. It is running on the existing tram system of the Municipal Transportation Company (GVB). The company City Cargo Nederland is carrying out the trial.

Cargo tram operation will be restricted to lines with sufficient free capacity to avoid conflicts with passenger trams, and also to the period 07:00 - 23:00 to avoid nocturnal noise. The project could reduce particle pollution of the air by 15%. The trams used in the initial trial are modified GVB trams. The city's council will decide in May whether to continue this new way of transporting cargo.

According to calculations by City Cargo Nederland the air pollution in the inner city can be reduced by up to 20% if the number of freight trucks in the main city area can be reduced by 50%. Recent measurements have shown that certain busy streets in Amsterdam generate more air pollution for nearby housing than is allowed.

15 March 2007

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