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Karlsruhe "combined-solution" funded

At present most of the tram and TramTrain lines run through the pedestrian precinct along Kaiserstraßer. This causes a bottleneck as a result of the success of the Karlsruhe Model. Now the State Government of Baden-Württemberg has ensured the public funding for a light rail tunnel in Karlsruhe by signing an outline agreement with the City council. By 2015 all trams currently using the pedestrian precinct will be placed in a tunnel.

Following this a car tunnel with a new tram line on the surface along the parallel Kriegsstraße will be built by 2020 to improve the traffic flow.

The total budget of the so called "combined-solution" is about 500 million Euro. 300 million will be funded by the federal government, 100 million by the state and 100 million by the City. The German TWA (Planfeststellungsbeschluss) is drawing to a close so works should start by 2009.

7 July 2007

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