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RandstadRail resumes operation

The RandstadRail tram-train operation in the Dutch city of Den Haag, and between Den Haag and Rotterdam, which got off to a false start in 2006, has now resumed passenger operation over all its alignments. The system was shut down on 29 November 2006, after a spate of derailments, and an investigation showed pointwork not to the correct standard and some poorly-constructed track alignments. All the necessary remedial measures were put into effect in the first half of 2007 and stringent testing and gradual re-introduction of passenger service has been in progress since June. On 27 October line RR3 started carrying passengers to the Zoetermeer loop again, so the following lines are now fully open:

Erasmuslijn Den Haag Centraal Station-Rotterdam Hofplein

RR3 Den Haag Loosduinen-Zoetermeer Centrum-West;

RR4 Den Haag De Uithof-Zoetermeer Oosterheem.

25 October 2007

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