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The end for the Brussels PCCs

It has been announced that the last day of operation of the 7000-series single PCC cars in Brussels will be Friday 12 February 2010. All the remaining serviceable cars will be in all-day service from Woluwe depot on routes 39 and 44. During the evening the service will be operated entirely by PCCs until the last departure (actually 01.06 on Saturday morning) from Ban Eik. As the PCCs come out of service they will be driven to Haren depot for storage and disposal.

It is possible that these depot runs will be open to the public, in which case the last arrival at Haren is expected to be at about 02.30 on the Saturday morning.

The first PCC entered service in Brussels in November 1951, and some of the 1952 delivery have survived to the end, 58 years of service.

19 January 2010

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