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All Party Parliamentary Light Rail Group (APPLRG) report

The report which is being launched today (15:00, Tuesday 23rd Feb) at an event at the Grand Committee Room, Westminster Hall in Parliament is the outcome of an inquiry chaired by Rochdale MP, Paul Rowen and a panel consisting of: Tom Harris MP (Glasgow South), Graham Stringer MP (Manchester Blackley), Clive Betts MP (Sheffield Attercliffe), Lord John Attlee and Baroness Hanham. Members of the Inquiry met three times in the Autumn of 2009 to consider evidence and hear from twenty five witnesses including the LRTA. The transcripts of the inquiry sessions can be found at the inquiry web hub at:

The key recommendations of the report include:

For Government

For local transport authorities promoting light rail schemes

For the light rail sector

The report highlighted utility costs as a potential ‘quick win’ in bringing down the costs of new tram schemes.

Paul Rowen MP said: "There’s little argument that modern trams can help get cities moving and transform the urban realm. However, progress on bringing the tram back to city streets can too often get bogged down in circular arguments about process and costs. Our report provides a way out of the impasse with practical recommendations which we will put to the transport leads for all three of our main political parties."

23 February 2010

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