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Progress in Manchester

At noon on Wednesday 17 November the final piece of track on the Metrolink extension to Eccles via Salford Quays was to be welded into place in Regent Street, Eccles.

"This final weld means that all the tram rails are now in position for the extension all the way to the terminus on Regent Street." said Ian Bradshaw, Construction manager, Altram (Manchester) Limited. "It is another sign that we are moving closer to bringing Metrolink to Eccles."

Bruce Ennion, GMPTE's Metrolink Project Manager added: "This is a landmark occasion for all those who have watched Metrolink take shape in the Eccles area over the past 18 months. This final weld takes place just as we look forward to the opening of the extension as far as Broadway in Salford Quays. I am sure the residents and businesses in both Eccles and Salford who have been so co-operative during the main construction works will be glad to see this significant step toward their completion in the Eccles area."

With all the rail in place, work will continue to build platforms, new footpaths and new carriageways. It is expected that most of the work on Regent Street will be finished by Christmas.

Trial running has recently commenced to Broadway in preparation for start of service in the near future. Trams are expected to be running all the way to Eccles by the Spring 2000.

17 November 1999

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