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The location is between Wettersteinplatz and Tegernseer Landstraße on Route 15/25. On this very day the tram and bus service came to standstill for three hours due to heavy snowfall in the night before. As you can see there are only a few motor cars in the street trying to go on. The trams were blocked because when the tracks were cleared of snow the roads were cleared next and all the surplus snow went onto the tracks again. In combination with freezing temperatures that snow formed massive ice-blocks which we could not overcome. More or less all points were frozen, too. In the aftermath this has caused some political irritations within the city council. The snow-ploughs for the roads have been privatized just recently. And they did not care about trams, pavements, zebra-crossings or anything. When the tracks were free of snow later again, trams were running without any interference, very much unlike the road-traffic.
17 Jan 2004

Klaus-P. Malchow