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Two views of trams in Graz taken on the 15th and 18th of April 2001

Photos by Bernd Nurnberger

Duewag 53 is captured on route 6, at Bergisel on its way to the mountain resort of Igls. Several cyclists prepare to board the tram for the ride up through the forest to Igls. As there are many bridleways nearby the carrying of bicycles is common on this section of the route. The tram was pictured on Sunday 21st May mid-morning. To the left of the picture is a tram on route 1 at its terminus
Duewag 39 waits at the terminus at Igls on Saturday 20th May. This tram was the last service car upto Igls for that day, with a layover of approximately 20 mins, the tram is pictured shortly before its departure at 20.00 for the short run down to Bergisel and then straight to depot.
Duewag 39 this time on route 1, passes through the empty street of INNRAIN early on Sunday morning (21st May). The River Inn being immediately on the left of the picture.

Photos by Ian McKnight

Many of the modern light rail systems are in cities which got rid of their traditional tram networks in the 1950s or earlier. Linz in Austria on the River Danube is a city which kept its trams and, in recent years, has upgraded part of its network to modern light rail

(Photo by R.J.Tarr, 1993)

Class A low floor tram at Karlsplatz,

17 June 2002

Class E tram 4436 at Karntner strasse.
Class E1 tram 4548 at Staatsoper, Opernring turning onto Karntner Stasse.

17 June 2002

Class E2 tram, Opern ring.

17 June 2002

Photos by Edward Finglas

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