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Le Chablais region of Southern Switzerland
Car 403 at Exerpillod on the Aigle-les Diablerets line. 2 car trainset bound for Les Diablerets (uphill) arriving at the Exerpillot interchange. The downhill service is waiting.
Car 402 at La Planche on the Aigle-les Diablerets line. The uphill trainset drives into the dead end station at le Sépey, then will draw back to La Planche to continue to Les Diablerets
Car 304 at Aigle - Gare CFF on the Aigle-Leysin line. At Aigle Gare there is not only a good interchange provided with the SBB-CFF, but also with the neighbouring companies: AL and AOMC.
Bex - Rue de la Gare on the Bex-Villars-Brettaye line. Downhill service coming from Villars heading towards Bex SBB-CFF station.

Photos by Steven Van Bauwel

CH Gare Champéry April 2001
Diablerets ASM vers Le Sepey - June 2001
Diablerets Pont vers le Sepey - June 2001

Photos by Léon Dochy

Geneva in Switzerland pioneered the low-floor tram at the end of the 1980's, using the small-wheel centre bogie developed by Vevey Technology. This picture shows the production cars under construction in the Vevey shops.

Photo © Vevey

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