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Photo: Lars Rekaa - not for use in commercial publications

Two trams meeting at Munkvoll on the Graakallbanen line in Trondheim, Norway.

The now privately operated (but partly publicly funded) Graakallen line is Trondheim's only surviving tram line, running from the city centre 8,8 km (some five miles) through city streets and suburban areas to an area for skiing and other outdoor activities. An extension through the city centre is planned. At Munkvoll there is a tramways museum.

At one time Trondheim had an extensive tramways system, with three city lines run by a municipal company in addition to the private Graakallen line. The first line was by the way constructed because the city had a electricity surplus. Later the municipal tramways took over the Graakallen line, standardizing the equipment.

After years of political quarrel avout the future of the tramways, the city council decidied to by new articulated trams in 1984-1985. Two years later the system was closed. The Graakallen line re-emerged as a private company in 1990.

Photos and information provided by Lars Rekaa

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