Photo Gallery 3:


CANADA: Calgary

3 car train on the Northeast line in the median of Memorial Drive with downtown Calgary and the Rocky Mountains in the background.

Two C-Trains - new and old, operating on the 7th Avenue transit mall in downtown Calgary. New Siemens SD160s began service earlier this year to provide the additional trains needed for Calgary's new line extensions and city growth

These pictures kindly provided by Neil McKendrick


SWEDEN: Stockholm

Stockholm’s Tvårbanan includes a short section of street running between Liljeholmen and Gröndal. 409 leaves Liljeholmen for Alvik on Saturday 8 September 2001.

Stockholm’s Tvårbanan follows an orbital route to the South West of the city centre. It connects with the Tunnelbanan at each end and roughly half way along its route at Liljeholmen. 406, pauses at Liljeholmen, travelling towards Gullmarsplan, on Saturday 8 September 2001. The boarding passengers seem little the worse for having climbed the stairs from the Tunnelbanan platforms.

These Digital photographs kindly provided by Steven Salmon

Den Haag


Den Haag

HTM tram emerging from the undercroft at Den Haag HS station on 21 Sept 2001



Rotterdam preserved cars at Hillesgeberg depot on 22 Sept 2001.

These photographs kindly provided by Greg McDonald


TW 4042 July 1998


TW 200 July 1996


TW 492 July 1996
These pictures kindly provided by Peter Hautzinger


The Düsseldorf U76 shown here provides an integrated longer distance service using standard gauge tracks while the local Krefeld trams use metre gauge, while the Düsseldorf U76 .


Outside Düsseldorf main station was especially busy since the U-Bahn tunnel was closed. Fortunately, both trams and U-Bahn were able to provide service at the street stop.


This vehicle is designed to interface to a platform, so it has to extend stairs down to street level where there is no platform. Several stops are being modified to provide platforms for more convenient entry and exit.


These pictures kindly provided by Roger Nathan

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