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How to join the LRTA

Membership includes Tramways & Urban Transit every month!
Our historical magazine Tramway Review is also available with or without membership!

Personal subscriptions (which are included with membership of the LRTA) normally cover the period from January to December and you receive all 12 magazines for the calendar year. Dependant on the time of year Membership may be offered for a part year till December and/or December of the following year. Follow the links below to see the current Membership packages. If these are not suitable please Email the Membership Secretary ( to see if alternatives are available.

Membership now includes access to the LRTA e-Group. See group.html for details.

It is now possible to join the LRTA online - see below for details!

Personal subscriptions require payment to be sent at the same time as application. Business subscriptions (i.e. subscriptions paid by companies or other business employers on behalf of their employees) can be invoiced to the company or organisation concerned. Contact the Membership Secretary ( for details of Commercial membership.

Subscription amounts vary depending on what part of the world you live in. All the details are given in the LRTA shop which you can access further down this page.

If you do not wish to make your transaction on-line then follow the link below to the application form which you can print out, then follow the links to see the membership price details. Fill in your details and send it off (by air-mail if outside of UK) with your payment now!

Payment methods:

We can accept payment by the following methods:

For postal membership form click here

For details on prices and on line membership please - click here
and follow the links to the 'New Membership & Tramway Review' page.

Contacting the LRTA membership office

If you wish to contact the Membership Dept. you can do so by e-mail at
or by post to
LRTA, 38 Wolseley Road, SALE M33 7AU UK

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