Tramways and Urban Transit June 2020

Tramways and Urban Transit

Tramways and Urban Transit June 2020


Celebrating 20 years of Tramlink
In an extended 15-page feature, TAUT pays tribute to arguably the greatest success story of the UK’s second-generation tramways, with behind-the-scenes access and interviews with some of the key figures of Croydon’s success – past and present.

‘We need strong leadership now more than ever’
Alistair Gordon, CEO of Keolis UK, explains why light rail can no longer be seen as of lower strategic importance to our transportation networks.

Jerusalem LRT: Meeting new challenges
Reuven Levy of Connect Jerusalem details the potential plans for shutdown and recovery of the city’s successful LRT system in a pandemic situation.

Why Light Rail is more relevant than ever
Matt Johnston puts forward the environmental and economic case for light rail investment to help economies rebuild for the future and meet climate change targets.

Systems Factfile: Caen
Neil Pulling visits the small French city that has taken the bold step of replacing its rubber-tyred transit system with a modern tramway.

Heritage tramways in crisis?
In a detailed Classic Trams investigation, Mike Russell talks to museums and heritage operators around the world to gauge the effects of the pandemic.


Five English operators receive GBP30m in emergency pandemic funding;
USD500m for Californian transit projects;
Antwerpen confirms city transport reorganisation plans.