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Not-For-Profit UK Based Light Rail Transit Association

The LRTA is a not–for–profit UK based organisation and has members throughout the world. Free of any trade or political affiliation; it is the world’s leading organisation concerned with the achievement of better public transport through light rail, tramway and metro systems in towns and cities world–wide.

Tramways & Urban Transit — T&UT
T&UT is published on the third Friday of each month. It has news and features from around the world about urban transit developments and the latest information about tramways and light rail.

Tramway Review
Our historical quarterly is available with membership or as a stand alone subscription.

Why you should join the LRTA

Want to see integrated environmentally sustainable public transport in our towns and cities then you should join the LRTA — the more members the more effective we can be in campaigning for the introduction of trams and light rail.

Every month, members receive T&UT free as part of their membership. There is now a choice of a printed version delivered by post or online versions of the magazine. Postal members can also access the online version.

Membership includes access to the LRTA e–Group; a YAHOO group. You can join online at the LRTA shop by clicking the Discussion Group item on the join/renewals page. Alternatively to join please e–mail; include your full name, membership number and post/zip code to ease the task of checking membership.

Members also have access to a Members Area which enables members to read the magazine on-line plus a selection of internal documents not available to the general public including a special guide to campaigning. When logged in a members discount is available on books and DVDs. To access go to the LRTA shop and create/log in to your account. Email if Members Area not visible.

See How to join the LRTA page for more details.US and Canadian Visitors; feeling starved of up–to–date North American transit news? T&UT carries the breaking news stories each month in the most comprehensive and timely coverage now available.

Special Membership Offer

We are offering 3 months free digital trial membership to potential new members see Special Offer for further information.

Annual General Meeting – 2023

The 2023 AGM will be held on Saturday 7th October in Sunderland City Hall, Sunderland, UK starting at 14:00 UK time. The AGM Documents will be available three weeks beforehand on the Members’ Page of the LRTA Membership system, Membermojo.

There was a full range of activities between Friday 6th October and Monday 9th October. Full details of all activities and excursions please go to the AGM 2023 page – this was available to LRTA Members only.

LRTA Launches Landmark Book ‘The Trams Return’ at AGM

To mark 1000 editions of Tramways & Urban Transit and its predecessor The Modern Tramway, published continuously since 1938, the team behind the magazine have assembled a roster of expert authors to chronicle the sad decline and subsequent renaissance of tramways and light rail.

With both archive material and new content – as well as many unseen images – The Trams Return explores the reasons for the tramway’s disappearance from so many cities in the post-war period, and how the mode has since been reborn, evolved and adapted to support the growth of over 400 cities around the world.

Also highlighting the contributions of the people and organisations who kept the faith, The Trams Return places all these developments into the vital context of social, political and economic change that has brought us from closures and disposals to openings, expansion and the application of today’s cutting-edge technology.

With a foreword by UITP Secretary General Mohamed Mezghani.

A4 softback format with 224 pages, 260 colour and 33 black & white pictures, plus 5 maps and 3 detailed tables. The book was released at the LRTA Annual General Meeting on 18 September 2021 – members will qualify for a 10% discount on the cover price of £28.00 + Shipping. On Sale Now

Purchase ‘The Trams Return’

Membership Renewals for 2023 started on 1st October 2022.

Membership renewals will use the new membership system Membermojo. Renewals can be done online or by postal application. Renewal by 30th November will ensure that you will not miss an issue and you will get a £1.50 if you renew online (before 30 Nov) or by direct debit. As this system is very different, a guide has been prepared to help you through the process.

Go to How to renew your Membership for full details and guidance.

LRTA Members’ meetings continue online

The series of online discussions and presentations using the Zoom platform started in response to the pandemic have proved so popular with members around the world that we will be continuing with them. These are open to all LRTA Members and and are held monthly, usually on the third Wednesday of each month at 16.00 (UK Time). This is quite a commitment for the Association and any member worldwide who would like to present a talk should contact Paul Rowen at with details.

Go to the Members’ Online Meetings Page for further details.

A recording of the latest talk is available for Members to view. See the ‘Past Meetings’ section of the ‘Members’ Online Meetings‘ page.

LRTA Area meetingsMany Areas are restarting physical meeting

The well-being and security of our members and supporters is a priority for the Association and with this in mind the LRTA members are urged to follow latest advice from their National Governments. Physical meetings are now being held by many Local Areas again. See the meetings page for both physical and online meetings.

Upcoming Meetings

05 Mar 24

Southampton, 19.30, John Laker: tram and urban rail on ciné (LRTA/SEG)

Eastleigh Railway Institute, £3.

07 Mar 24

Brentford 14.30. Martin Jenkins: Tram & trolleybus closures 1952 & 1962 (TLRS)

London Museum of Water and Steam, Green Dragon lane, Brentford TW8 0EN – Contact - £5 including refreshments

09 Mar 24

Coatbridge, 1300. 3D printing Edinburgh trams (TLRS)

Summerlee Museum, Heritage Way, Coatbridge ML5 1QD - Contact

All Meetings

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The UK Government introduced its long- awaited Environment Bill in February, replacing existing EU legislation and claimed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson as an opportunity to demonstrate the UK has adopted tougher policies than the EU. TramForward is disappointed that the Bill contains no legally-binding targets to meet World Health Organisation (WHO) air pollution standards by 2030.

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1937 - History of theLight Rail Transit Association

Back in 1937 the Light Rail Transit Association came into being. It was not a very grand launch. A few persons, aroused by what they judged to be the folly of scrapping certain tram routes in North London, established contact with each other through the correspondence columns of local newspapers. After one or two tentative gatherings, an organising committee of three (George Jackman, Jay Fowler and Geoffrey Southerden) signalled...

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1937 - History of the Light Rail Transit Association