Clean Air Now – Sign the Petition!

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Clean Air Now – Sign the Petition!

Environmental Campaigners are being urged to support a Parliamentary Petition by TramForward calling on Parliament to legislate for Clean Air.

The move comes after the Government introduced its Environment Bill earlier this year which had NO clauses binding the UK to adopt World Health Organisation guidelines on Clean Air by 2030.

This despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s statement at the launch of the Bill that it was “the huge star of our legislative programme”

An attempt by opposition MPs in the Bill Committee in March to add a clause adopting WHO guidelines was defeated by government MPs.

The Parliamentary Petition calls on all MPs to support WHO guidelines and, if the petition gets sufficient support, it will be debated in Parliament.

TramForward has also drafted a letter for campaigners to send to their local MP urging them to support the Clean Air Campaign.

The full petition can be found at:

A copy of the draft letter to MPs can be found at:

Chair of the LRTA Paul Rowen said: “The last few months, with less traffic on our roads, has demonstrated the value of Clean Air. We want this to become permanent and for Boris Johnson to match his rhetoric with action.”