Fylde Coast Transport Summit hears calls for cleaner and greener transport

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Fylde Coast Transport Summit hears calls for cleaner and greener transport

Campaigners, local politicians and transport specialists met at Blackpool’s Imperial Hotel on Tuesday to discuss options for revitalising and modernising the Fylde Coasts transport network.

Over 80 people attended the summit

Organised by the Light Rail Transit Association and Trams for Lytham speakers highlighted several alternatives including heavy rail, light rail, tram-train and ultra-light rail as possibilities for improving connectivity in the region.

Sam Flynn, LRTA area coordinator said: “The road network between Blackpool and Lytham and St Ann’s is already heavily congested. We believe that extending Blackpool’s tram network is the best option.”

Other speakers mentioned the possibility of a tram-train to extend connectivity from Poulton to Fleetwood alongside the heritage rail line.

Blackpool Transport MD Jane Cole also addressed the conference highlighting what the undertaking in conjunction with the 3-district council’s was doing to secure future funding from government.

Delegates also heard from Jim Harkins, Campaigns Director of the LRTA of the dangers posed by PM 2.5 emissions from buses and heavy goods vehicles. “There is no such thing as a ‘green’ bus” he said.

Summing up LRTA Chair Paul Rowen, who chaired the summit said: “It is heartening to see the level of interest from local politicians and campaigners in improving the transport network along the Fylde coast. It is important that local people develop local solutions which are listened to by government.


1. The LRTA (https://www.lrta.org/) is the world’s leading organisation campaigning for better public transport in urban areas through light rail, tramway and metro systems and has been in existence for more than 80 years. It also supports the revitalisation of suburban and rural transport through the application of light rail and TramTrain technology.