Mass Transit West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire must be the start – not a one off

Earlier this year Tracey Brabin, West Yorkshire’s Mayor announced the Mass Transit plan for the region.

Starting with two initial lines; one serving Leeds from the centre to the White Rose Shopping Centre and the other connecting Leeds to Bradford. These now go forward to the Department of Transport for further evaluation.

Leeds has been there before – during the Blair years Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott promised at least twenty schemes including Leeds, Liverpool, Southampton, Manchester and Bristol. Lots of preparatory work was done only for the schemes to be scrapped with the exception on Manchester Metrolink. However Manchester only got its funding after a massive campaign involving the ten local authorities, trade unions and the business community.

This time round only Leeds has been guaranteed funding on the back of the cancellation of HS2. However there are a whole series of towns and cities throughout the UK with ambitions for light rail. We have featured some of those schemes in these pages over the last few months.

None have secured funding, even Coventry which has pioneered Ultra Light Rail is still awaiting further funding to continue. Once again the UK’s lack of investment in critical green infrastructure will do nothing to improve productivity and growth. We believe this needs to change.

Since its inception the LRTA has been the voice and advocate for Light Rail and we are planning to lead the campaign to support those towns and cities. The General Election provides us with an opportunity to influence what happens by getting parliamentary candidates to sign up and support light rail.  To be successful we need the support of readers of TAUT and like minded individuals. If you think you can help please go to the Make a Difference page on our website and sign up. We will keep you informed and provide information and materials to take part.

Let’s ensure Leeds is the start and not just a one off.

Recording Of CBT Better Transport Week Round Table Discussion – live stream.