TramForward calls upon Government to prioritise trams in fight to decarbonise

Press Release

TramForward calls upon Government to prioritise trams in fight to decarbonise

Changing by the artist Alisa Singer
“As we witness our planet transforming around us we watch, listen, measure … respond.”

TramForward has consistently reminded governments of all colours that trams are amongst the best tools in the toolbox for the fight against Climate Change, due to the very high modal switch from cars to public transport which they achieve.

In view of the urgency expressed in the latest United Nations climate change report and the fact that the Government is hosting COP26 in Glasgow this autumn, TramForward calls upon Government to take seriously the role of trams in its future policy. We were disappointed at the lack of reference to trams and light rail in last year’s Department for Transport’s report Decarbonising Transport.

We are also calling for public transport to be able to claim Carbon Credits or Carbon Budget benefits based on the modal switch from cars.

Trams have the additional benefit of being free at the point of use of not only exhaust but non-exhaust emissions, thus contributing to lowering traffic-generated pollution leading to considerable health benefits.

Trams will also improve connectivity in our cities, increasing their economic productivity and thus aiding the Government’s “levelling up” plans

Chair of the LRTA’s Campaigns Group, Jim Harkins, said “Rather than spend £27bn on new roads, which will encourage more car traffic and work against decarbonisation and pollution reduction efforts, we call upon Government to meet us to begin discussions on how money can be invested in expanding tram and light rail schemes”.

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