TramForward welcomes plans unveiled by the Glasgow Connectivity Commission

News Press Release

TramForward welcomes the plans unveiled by the Glasgow Connectivity Commission in its newly published report, with its bold aim of transforming Glasgow into an “inclusive, thriving, liveable city”.

It is the proposal for a Glasgow Metro that could make the biggest difference and overall improve the economic and social life of the city. It would reconnect parts of the city that were cut off when the former tram system was abandoned and the rail network rationalised and disjointed.

The plan for Glasgow Airport, which resurrects the idea of a rail link to Paisley Gilmour Street with a future connection to Glasgow, is a better idea than the latest City Deal proposal of a Luton Airport style cable hauled pod system which would carry a limited number of passengers in each pod.

Iain MacDonald, the Light Rail Transit Association’s Regional Officer for West Scotland, said “Transport networks are a key influence in a city’s quality of life. They shape its urban fabric by providing certainty and determine the type of economic activity it supports.

The bulk of this report’s recommendations are exciting and promise to enhance Glasgow’s economic fortunes to the benefit of all its citizens. We hope that the Scottish Government will incorporate the report’s ideas into the current national Transport Strategy Review.”

1. The LRTA ( is the world’s leading organisation campaigning for better public transport in urban areas through light rail, tramway and metro systems and has been in existence for more than 80 years. It also supports the revitalisation of suburban and rural transport through the application of light rail and TramTrain technology.