TramForward welcomes “No place left behind” report

Press Release

TramForward welcomes “No place left behind” report

TramForward welcomes the newly published report of the Commission into Prosperity and Community Placemaking “No place left behind”, which recognises the important part that trams and light rail can play in the regeneration and development of our towns and cities.

Among the policy proposals put forward in the report is “… commit to providing light rapid transit systems for all cities and larger towns in England”.

Of trams the report says: “Trams were once the lifeblood of many thriving towns, suburbs and cities. They offer the advantages of rail at a fraction of the cost and provide more speed, certainty and stability of service than buses – so their creation can have a far greater impact on the investment choices and behaviours that shape places. There is a technological opportunity now to reinvent and rediscover trams for the twenty first century. New technology and smart regulatory reform offers the potential to significantly reduce the cost of new tramlines, creating popular, fast, predictable and sustainable transport links within and between towns and neighbourhoods – and making the shift from congested, car-dependent thoroughfares to vibrant streets a viable option for local people in places where train lines are unlikely to be viable.”

Paul Rowen, Chair of the Light Rail Transit Association, said “It is highly gratifying for this independent body to recognise the potential of trams, something the LRTA has long been campaigning for. Trams have a proven record of successfully bringing about modal shift away from private cars thus reducing both congestion and pollution, including non-exhaust emissions (NEEs), as well as contributing to urban regeneration and the improvement of the street environment.”

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