TramForward Campaigns Group

The TramForward Campaigns Group leads the LRTA fight for more tramways in the UK and around the World.
The campaigning activity is split under leadership of the Special Interest Groups and the Works of these Groups will be displayed on these pages.

Whilst these pages are under construction, some latest news will be show here.

If you want to be involved in campaigning, contact Jim Harkins, the Chair or the Campaigns Group.

Contact Jim Harkins

Strategic Development and Reference Database

Development Forum

This is where an enthusiastic group discuss opportunities for new tramways, how to knock down barriers to progress of schemes, detailed technical discussion and the latest campaigns in a relaxed forum. The results of these discussions will be presented on these pages. More

Tram Tracker

A database of existing and potential tram project from around the world. It details the essential details such as who is proposing, what is the political landscape, its status, reports, estimates, business case, location maps and route diagram. Got a proposal that’s ready – email Go To TramTracker.

Current Campaigns

Air Quality

Non-Exhaust Emissions (NEE) are Lethal – see how trams will help to minimise these deadly PM2.5 particle as well as reducing Carbon Emissions. More

Repurposing Former Trunk Roads

Many trunk roads have been declassified follow the construction of Motorways and bypasses. These roads are often underutilised and have the capacity to be part converted to tramway, providing an environmentally friendly accesses into major cities and towns from strategically placed park and ride sites as well as serving the residents of the conurbations. More

Special Interest Groups

Ultra Light Rail Group

The ULR Group is looking at opportunities at the lower demand areas where small and very light vehicles could be used at much lower costs. More


Campaigning for tramways in the main cities in Scotland using the success of the Edinburgh Tram as an example.

Derby and District

With the success of the Nottingham Tram System this SIG is looking at opportunities for tramways in Derby connected to the Nottingham system and HS2 at Toton. There is also interest in trams in the city of Leicester.

Bath and District

The Bath Trams group are well advanced in promoting trams in the City of Bath and looking at connections with Bristol. See the the Bath Area Trams Group website.

Bristol and District

Transport for Greater Bristol is a group promoting trams and tramways in the Bristol Area. They are in discussion with the West of England Combined Authority campaigning for a network of tramways in and around Bristol. See the Transport for Greater Bristol website.