Tramway Review September 2022

Tramway Review

Tramway Review September 2022


Glasgow 1959
Garth Tilt recalls the delights of his first visit to the Glasgow system.

‘Ye Olde Tramcar Vaults’
A Glasgow pub sign with a strong tramway connection is called to mind.

Københavns Sporveje: Rundown to closure, part 1
Peter Carr sets out the demise of Copenhagen’s tramway network.

Modern times? Some observations
Ian Souter provides some thoughts on the concept of modernity and first-generation British trams and tramways.

Passing through Ulm
Geoffrey Skelsey provides a snapshot of Ulm 40 years ago.

More on Merthyr
Some new information has come to light since our article in TR 266.

Autumn entertainment: Glasgow South and Milan; American PCCs and Toronto.

The Iron Curtain, handbrakes, LCC trailer sales, and more on the Kingsway Subway.

Picture This: Glasgow 1958
The LRTL Convention of 1959 poses a conundrum.