Trams for Clean air! – Symposium – Warrington, 31 March 2023

Press Release

Trams for Clean air! – Symposium – Warrington, 31 March 2023

A cross section of local people and politicians in Warrington will be attending the
Symposium “Clean air” on 31st March at 6.30pm in the Masonic Hall.

“We want to bring forward the latest information about air pollution and the health impacts
on residents in Warrington” said Ian Buttress, LRTA, former Director of Greater
Manchester Authority. “There will be a number of speakers covering a range of topics”,
added Sharon Harris, LRTA, an ex Warrington councillor, “those attending will have a
chance to ask questions of the speakers, and to get a better understanding of the
problems and some potential solutions”.

“The air quality in much of Warrington would lead to a factory being closed” commented
Prof. Lewis Lesley one of the speakers. “Warrington is also highly dependent on cars, a
major source of toxic pollution.” “Motor vehicles also create toxic air pollution from micro
particles scrubbed between tyres and tarmac, worse than tail pipe emissions” added Jim
Harkins, Chair TramForward Campaigns Group