LRTA Sponsors Light Rail Conference in Blackpool

News Press Release

LRTA Sponsors Light Rail Conference in Blackpool

The Light Rail Transit Association is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Fylde Coast Light Rail Conference 2020 at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool on Tuesday, 18 February 2020.

The conference is being organised by Sam Flynn of Trams to Lytham and will bring together local authorities, transport professionals and the general public to discuss and debate the past, present and future of light rail, trams, and other forms of public transport in Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde. Jane Cole, Managing Director of Blackpool Transport will be among many high-profile speakers at the event.

The Fylde Coast is home to one of the oldest tramways in the world, the Blackpool Tramway having operated almost continuously since 1885. The
2012 upgrade to light rail standards heralded a bright new era and brought much-needed success. It now boasts over 5 million passengers per year and the first extension in over 90 years is almost complete.

For the first time in decades, light rail expansion plans which once seemed pipe dreams are becoming real plans and the time is now right to bring together all interested parties to discuss future development of the area’s transport system.