Future NET Extension to East Midlands Airport

Press Release

Future NET Extension to East Midlands Airport

TramForward welcomes the proposal to extend Nottingham Express Transit (NET) from the present Clifton South terminus to a proposed large new development at Fairham, called Clifton Pastures, and then onwards to East Midlands Airport (EMA).

TramForward is campaigning for using the very successful NET as a “seed” to produce a light metro for the East Midlands. This involves other extensions, from Toton Lane to Derby via Spondon and Pride Park; and from Phoenix Park to Kimberley and beyond into Amber Valley.  The Derby line would be the start of an internal system for the city, serving major traffic objectives such as The Royal Derby Hospital, Mickleover and Mackworth, using the former Great Northern railway alignment; and another serving the Sinfin Rolls-Royce site, Chellaston, Alvaston, and Raynesway, connecting with the Nottingham line. There would also be a line from Toton serving Long Eaton, which could also extend to EMA. TramTrains could be used to connect EMA with Loughborough and Leicester, with Leicester also having an internal tram system.

All of this would greatly assist mobility and the economy within the Derby- Leicester-Nottingham region, and do a lot to reduce the high levels of pollution due to road traffic, and also reduce energy use, and help the region reduce CO2 emissions.

David Gibson, LRTA Regional Officer for the East Midlands said “This would start to provide a transport system worthy of a region of three cities and many sizeable towns, with a population of over 2Million”.